Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Mommy Mundo 2015 Mom 24/7 Planner for a SuperMom!

I love planners. It's one thing a Mom of 4 like me could not do without when my kids were growing up. I started with a Filofax (does anyone even remember what that is?), then moved to generic or company-branded planners. I especially liked one insurance company's planners because of all the space available for me to write down my daily tasks as well as what each child needed for assignment, project or where they needed to be. Whew, am I glad they're adults now!

But my good friend Janice, popularly known as Mommy Mundo, sent me her annual Mom 24/7 planner. Maybe several decades ago, I would have kept it for myself. But I won't need it now as much as one superMom out there. So I'm giving it away to one of you.

Just one note: This giveaway is only open within Metro Manila because it will be too expensive for me to ship it out beyond the metro. If anyone from the provinces wants to join, just be sure that if you are the winner, you can give me a Metro Manila address where I can ship it to.

But before all that, let's take a quick look at what's inside Mommy Mundo's Mom 24/7 planner for 2015, shall we?

Owner page

Monthly calendar + To Do List

Weekly calendar spread

Each weekly calendar spread has a parenting thought from a mommy

Beautiful Mommy Mundo bookmark

There are 3 health pages for each child and enough pages for 3 kids

Second and third pages of a child's health record

A page each for Dad & Mom's health record

Menstrual tracker + Party planner

Financial info + grocery items

3 pages of coupons that Moms can use to buy baby stuff

Now for the Planner Giveaway!

SuperMoms, I want one of you to have this and I'm shipping it to you free of charge so long as you give me a Metro Manila shipping address. It's so simple.

Just leave a comment below (with your name and email address) and tell me just what your busy day as a superMom is like. This giveaway will run only till January 7, 11:59PM so I can send it right away to the deserving superMom.

How will I choose the winner? I'll have a supermom good friend of mine check out the comments and award this planner to the one we think is the busiest Mom of all. I'll email the winner so we can make arrangements for the shipping. 

Remember, the winner needs to give me a Metro Manila shipping address! Ok, comment away!

(Update: I asked my longtime friend and blogger who goes by the Twitter handle @momblogger, Noemi, to read through the comments and choose the superMom who she thinks will really need this planner. And the winner is…..Luz Soriano!)

Congratulations, superMom! I'll be contacting you via email and send you the planner soonest. Thank you, other wonderful superMoms, for joining. You all deserve a loud bravo for really taking such great care of your families.


Yhie Nocasa said...

Hi Ms. Jane,

Trying my luck to win this Mom 24/7 planner.. Coz, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get one for me pa.

I'm a mom of 1, kaya other's might think na hindi pa stressful dahil isa pa lang but having a toddler is like having a big blender inside our house. I'm a stay at home mom who keeps on looking for a "raket" to earn and help my hubby who's a OFW.
This planner will surely help me to jot down all notes, reminders, budgeting for the whole month.. etc, since medyo makaka-limutin ako. :P

Thank you and Happy 3 Kings

Lorielyn Nocasa

Dorothy See said...

I love using planners, and have been using them since high school. And yes, I know what a file-o-fax is! Though I am only a mother to one, you could say I am a busy mom because I work at home, managing our family business and our household at the same time. It's difficult and challenging sometimes because it entails multitasking and handling many kinds of roles. There are times when you are too busy while other times there's just not much to do except hang out with your family. For me, family comes first and that is my priority. Thanks and hope I could win the 2015 planner too! :)

Teri An Joy Magpale said...

Hello there! I am an expectant mom (34 weeks) and I cant wait to plan a lot of things for my first baby!! I know that this planner would be a great ease for a first time mom like me! :)

Also as a College Instructor and a Graduate Student, I believe that this planner would be very purposeful in juggling my different priorities as a first time mom, a wife, a teacher, a student and as a WOMAN! Thanks!!

Teri An Joy Magpale-Jang
Address: 8828 (Unit C), San Mateo Street, San Antonio Valley 2, Sucat Road, Paranaque City

Luz Soriano said...

I really love planners this one of the things that i need in my daily life, being a super busy Moms needs to plan my everyday..Im a working mom i have 2 kiddos my eldest is 5years old and my bunso is 2years old my husband is an OFW so im the one who take all responsibilities being a Mom & dad at the same time,,Im a Busy Mom thats why i need a daily plan, bringing my son to his school at 6:30am and making sundo at 12:30 im using 2 hours break from work than bring him home then back to my work after work i need to buy stuff to cook my kiddos fave dinner then review and doing assignment with my son and playing time with my bunso and make sure that they will sleep on time then doing my work at home at the end of the day i need to plan everything for the next day..Being a super busy Mom makes me a strong person..Loving to do my work at the same time taking care of my family specially my kids..MABUHAY TAYONG MGA DAKILANG INA! Happy new year Moms:)

Maria Luz Soriano

Gellie Torres said...

Hi po happy new year. I'm a 29 yr ols mother of a 6 yr old girl i really want this planner po tlga esp po sa pag plan ko ng 7th bday ni baby
i always wanted a planner pero hnd ko po ngugustuhan ung mga nbbili sa bookstore pero when i see this planner na love at first sight ako aside sa looks super love ko ung content
kaya sana manalo ako.
Before po im a working mom but i quit po kasi i want to be a full time mom. Sbi nila mas masarap dw magwork kesa mag alaga ng anak kasi nakakapagod at wlang salary pero thats wrong. Since i experience it both, i will chooose to be a full time mom instead of working mom. The most rewarding job is being a mother. Minsan lang maging bata ang mga anak nten kya we should spend time sa knila. Being a stay home mom i still manage to have an online shop as my part time job
pag nsa school lng si baby ska ako active sa shop ko
never akong nagsisisi o nagreklamo.
For me hnd ko kelangn ng madaming pera all i need is lots of happy memories with my daughter.
Its all rewarding.
THANKs for this opportunity to share my thoughts as a mom. Godbless and more power.


Josie Caindoy said...

hi, I am a stay at home mom of two boys (3 y/o & 1 y/o), and no yaya. And I have a mom who has diabetes and need to track all her meds as well including her insulin intake. It's so hard to organize all the schedule of both my kids and mom without a planner that's why I really want to have one for me. I take care everything especially at home since my mom has only limited chores that she can do. This planner will be a big big help for me since for now I only use calendar to put down some of my notes. I was just trying my luck to have these very useful and unique planner. Thank you and may God bless you :) Happy new year!

Josie Caindoy said...

Josie Apolonio-Caindoy

Hallernanay said...

I have a 2year old LO, and his very very active. When my husband is at work, only me and LO enjoy our home sweet home. I would like to share my SuperMom's Busy Day Schedule, everyday!

8:00 : wake up time
8:00 - 10:00 : prepare breakfast for everybody!
10:00 - 12:00 : playtime with LO (my morning exercise)
12:00 - 13:00 : prepare lunch and after that, date with my LO (^_^ lunch date!)
13:00 - 16:00 : work from home (while LO is on siesta)
16:00 - 17:30 : play outside with LO's playmates ( my afternoon exercise)
17:30 - 18:00 : market time (for out dinner)
18:00 - 22:00 : prepare dinner, shower, ready LO to bed, andddddd... Hubby time ^_^
22:00 - 0:00 : work from home again!

Whew! What a busy yet fulfilling day!

Shanel Tan

Beverly Munar said...

Beverly M. Patacsil

Hi! I've been searching online to buy myself a planner online since I am a fan and it's been in my routine since my high school days. Then I came to search planner suited for moms. Since I'm going to be one this January. Being excited to be a mom, for the first time and the New Year to come would be a great oppurtunity for me not to miss out writing my journal. For me this coming year would be so precious to be writting down my first experiences as a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. With all this new environment, having a planner suited for me would be great. Like having the chance to read on and keep track on my parenting, responsibility of a wife and not having to miss on important matter at work. Thank you very much for giving us this oppurtunity, and I would hope and pray to win. Godbless!

Jane said...

Hello, Beverly. Thanks for the comment. This giveaway was for the 2015 planner. I will be doing another one for the 2016 planner. Watch for it and please repost your comment on that other blog post.