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Mandaue Foam's MF Lifestyle furniture line is for any lifestyle and for anyone

The name Mandaue Foam has always been associated with foam mattresses. And I thought that was all there was to them so I wondered why they were building this huge building along Shaw Boulevard. Did they need such a huge mattress showroom? Well I soon got my answer when I needed a mattress and decided to go get mine from their newly opened building.

To my surprise, I was met, not by stacks of mattresses, but by beautiful furniture for all kinds of rooms. All 3 floors of them! Foam mattresses were no longer their main source of business. They had expanded into lifestyle furniture!

It was just a matter of time before Mandaue Foam would introduce their MF Lifestyle furniture line to Metro Manila and I was glad to finally get to learn more about how a simple foam mattress manufacturer from (where else?) Mandaue City, Cebu, evolved into a lifestyle furniturer manufacturer.

Mandaue Foam's Humble Beginnings

Mandaue Foam was established in 1971 by Mrs. Rosita Uy when they began producing high-quality foam mattresses. With rapid development in the Visayas region, Mandaue Foam was able to maintain its competitiveness despite two other major foam producers who were importing foam mattresses from Manila. They eventually put up a simple mattress showroom fronting their warehouse.

As the grandson of the founders, Ryan Uy, related during the MF Lifestyle launch, it was a natural evolution. They were wondering what else to do with the foam that they were producing aside from mattresses so they thought of making cushions for dining tables, which evolved into sofas and eventually included the furniture that now house all their foam products.

A Closer Look at MF Lifestyle 

 Here’s what I noticed about MF Lifestyle furniture. They are fashionable and yet very practical, come in varied styles and colors that anyone can mix, match, combine and coordinate depending on one’s lifestyle and preferences. We got a glimpse of different celebrities with varying lifestyles and they still got to showcase the best of MF Lifestyle that fitted their requirements.

Saab Magalona, a newlywed, shared she now lives in the home of her husband. While their home used to be decorated for a bachelor, he has given her free rein to redecorate their home to also suit her taste. This showcase is a sample of what Saab’s taste in furnishings is.

Soon-to-be-mother Kelly Misa-Fernandez showed us what her ideal office-home workspace would look like with MF Lifestyle furnishings. I loved the fact that the cabinetry behind her has lots of cabinets (great way to hide unsightly work stuff). I also love the idea of a work table with artsy, zen home decor to break the stressful sight of documents and papers.

A living room set for a family with kids was what Mylene Dizon, celebrity mom, put together with MF Lifestyle furniture. I love her choice of bold prints for her modern, spacious couch because it doesn't just look modern but as a Mom, I think it's kid-proof against stains.

DJ, event host and bachelor Sam YG is one who is always on the go. That's why it's important to choose furniture pieces that are not only comfortable but also give out relaxing vibes. Here he showcases his idea of his own little entertainment corner in the home with a couch, carpet, table with his favorite art decor, a smart TV with a low table-TV stand and ample drawer space, and capped with a wall backdrop accented by a cubed mirror.

Phil Younghusband showed us what his bedroom would look like using MF Lifestyle pieces. Simple, classy, comfy, dark masculine shades. A tall closet to one side can hold all a guy's pants and shirts making the room easy to maintain as a bachelor.

Phil tells Tessa Valdez and RJ Ledesma why he chose these MF Lifestyle pieces for his bedroom

Fashionista blogger Nicole Andersson's idea of a living room exudes serenity. Blues and whites bring calm to the spirit. The clean design of the white cabinet is perfectly complemented by the sea blue chairs as well as by the painting in the same hues right behind the cabinet.

Kryz Uy, another celebrity blogger, chose a dining room combination that just says WARM AND COZY. The pieces are simple but the accent decor along the table runner contribute to the warmth. A lighted table behind her serves as added lighting plus a place where food can be placed a la buffet. The mirror makes the area look bigger and check out that overhead lamp made to look like a bird cage. Genius!

The prices of these furniture items are affordable too. See that bed chosen by Phil Younghusband? Can you believe that that is just a little less than P25,000 with the mattress already? It's because MF Lifestyle is meant to be classy while still being practical and reasonably priced. Single people, newly married couples or longtime families like mine that may want a change of furnishings can afford their line of furniture.

MF Lifestyle brand ambassadors with emcees Tessa Valdez & RJ Ledesma and MF executive, Ryan Uy

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