Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tempur: A whole world of difference in sleep softness

Not all pillows and mattresses are made the same and you just need to lie down on a Tempur pillow or bed and you will know what I mean.

At the recent Tempur event at Boni High Street at BGC, I got the biggest surprise when I arrived at the venue to see rows and rows of….Tempur beds complete with bedside lamps and comforters! Yes, believe it or not, this was the first blogger event I've ever attended where we were actually invited to lie down on the beds during the whole event! Ang saya!

Breeze is the newest line of Tempur. It features a new proprietary Tempur Climate Material (TCM) and a unique 3D cover that removes excess moisture. Humidity passes easily through this 3D cover and away from the body. A layer of TCM with thick open cell walls allows faster and more efficient moisture movement and breathability. By reducing humidity and promoting airflow, Breeze Tempur mattresses optimize the micro-climate so you feel cooler overall as you sleep.

Breeze Tempur mattresses come in 3 collections: Original, Cloud and Sensation. All three collections have these features:
* Redistributes body weight, supports in your most comfortable position, reduces pressure points that lead to tossing and turning
* Hypoallergenic (doesn't contain commonly known allergens)
* Antimicrobial (treated to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms and improve freshness)
* Removable cover that can be washed at 60 deg Celsius
* Mattress can be used on an adjustable bed base

Which collection is best for you?

Original Breeze - Choose this if you are going for the supportive, firmer feel. 
Cloud Breeze - Choose this if you want the softest of the 3 collection lines
Sensation Breeze - Choose this if you want the classic, traditional feel of a spring mattress

This was such a comfortable bed!
Mommy friends came in with their small kids. We were all given socks so we could really get into the feel of the bed, under the covers. The kids were even allowed to jump on the mattresses -- a no-no with spring mattresses because my parents used to tell me this would ruin our spring mattress beds!

The queen-sized bed I chose to test out happened to be the Cloud Breeze - the softest of the Breeze Tempur mattresses. It was soooooh comfy! I was so afraid I'd fall asleep even before they began the movie that we all were supposed to watch.

My bed had remote controls on both sides! Luxurious pampering!

I didn't know it till a Tempur staff pointed it out to me but my chosen bed (Cloud Breeze) could be adjusted remotely. Remote controls hung from each side of the bed. I got the one closest to me. There were buttons to raise the head (leftmost buttons), the legs (rightmost buttons) or both at the same time (middle buttons). And what is practical about a remote control for each side of the bed? You can adjust your side of the bed to watch TV while your partner is sleeping flat on the other side.

Comfortably propped up on my Cloud Breeze bed

This wasn't all. We got to go home with a Tempur Breeze pillow made of the same Tempur Climate Material. Yay!

This is more my type of pillow because it is huggable. At home, we have two other Tempur pillows from the Original Symphony line. They are great -- firm and very dense;  but also very, very heavy, making it hard for me to hug the pillow and move around with it at night. The Tempur Breeze pillow is just the right thing because it is lightweight! And it has the same open-structured 3D sleeve and vented sides as the Breeze Tempur mattresses to take moisture away from the head and neck during sleep. I love it!

We were treated to the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2 while relaxing in our chosen Tempur mattresses. What a great way to end the event!

There are 4 dedicated showrooms in the country where you can find and test out the Tempur mattresses and pillows:
- Level 5, Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, telephone (02) 631-1391
- Lower Ground, Greenbelt 5, telephone (02) 728-3015
- B5, Bonifacio High Street, telephone (02) 856-4700
- Design Center of Cebu, P. Remedios cor. A.S. Fortuna Sts., Mandaue, Cebu, telephone (032) 520-9888 / 238-7605

Online, you can find Tempur at:

Website: ph.tempur.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TempurInthePhilippines
Twitter: twitter.com/TempurInThePhil

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