Sunday, August 9, 2015

What it was like to make a Yellow Cab Dear Darla pizza + an extended promo from Citi Credit Cards

I can now say that I have prepared my very own Yellow Cab Dear Darla pizza!!!

It's true! One of our family's favorite pizza brands, Yellow Cab, gave me this chance. They made me don an apron, wear a hair net, put on gloves, and make my own healthy Dear Darla pizza!

Dear Darla Promo Extended!

Before I get into that and whet your appetite, I just want all of you Dear Darla fans out there (like my son who just totally loves it) to know that the promo tie-up of Yellow Cab with Citibank Credit Cards has just been extended to August 31, 2015.

This promo is being offered in celebration of Citi Credit Cards' 25th anniversary in the Philippines. I know this because I have been a long-time Citi cardholder myself and their rewards program is one of the best in town.

Citi cardholders will be able to continue enjoying 2 REGULAR Dear Darla pizzas for only PhP 499. You can choose between 2 variants: 1) the original variant with fresh garden vegetables with cheese or 2) the new ricotta cheese and roasted garlic. You can also opt to get one of each to try both variants. The promo is valid for dine-in, delivery, and takeout orders.

More days of Dear Darla ahead!

Making a Dear Darla Pizza

When Dear Darla is served up to you, it looks like a wrap -- so unlike the flat, round pizzas we are used to. And all those green arugula and alfalfa sprouts sticking out are signs that what's inside is a lot healthier than most. Here's how we made it. I won't include the portions though because that is a trade secret but I'll let you in on the ingredients that go into a Dear Darla pizza.

The dough that goes into each Yellow Cab pizza is made fresh DAILY. And all those handling the pizzas have to don hair nets (or a cap, for the guys), wear an apron and put on disposable gloves.

The proportions for each ingredient that goes into a Dear Darla pizza (as well as all other pizza variants of Yellow Cab) are posted right in front of the preparation area. I began with the half-baked pizza crust, slathered tomato sauce over it, then put in the following ingredients: cheese, black olive halves, crushed garlic, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, sliced pepperoni with a bit of oregano. Another layer of cheese served as the final topping before baking.

That's not the end of this pizza! The Yellow Cab person assisting me then handed me a pizza cutter. I thought we'd cut the pizza the usual way - in slices. But no. She told me to cut it vertically into 4 equal strips. Next, fresh arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts were placed in a neat pile on top of the pizza.

Pure concentration while slicing the pizza

How Dear Darla looks after baking, being cut into strips and piled with greens

To get to its final look, we rolled up each strip, making sure some arugula and alfalfa sprouts were in each strip and voila! Here's how it is served up.

Halfway through wrapping!

The finished product - Dear Darla pizza wraps!

It was my first time to dig my teeth into a Dear Darla pizza and I have to say it tastes healthily good. I personally love it because of the ingredients that I now know go into it. Since the arugula and alfalfa are not baked but are placed fresh on top of the pizza, it gives that crunchy texture as you bite into the wrap and you know the healthy enzymes that come with fresh greens stay intact. So good for the body!

To avail of this Dear Darla promo till Aug. 31, 2015, visit any Yellow Cab restaurant or call 789-9999 for delivery and be ready to present your Citi Credit Card for swiping!

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