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Dunlopillo mattresses help Moms cope with lack of sleep

Moms can relate to this -- taking care of our children and our family is a 24/7 task and many times, we lose a lot of sleep. Whether it is the demands of a breastfeeding baby, caregiving a sick kid, helping schooling kids, and attending to a million and one other things that mothers do, we know that sleep becomes a very precious commodity.

And where do we spend at least 1/3 of our lives? IN BED!!!

That means our choice of mattress is not just important. It can be life-changing!!!

At an intimate gathering of mommy friends, we met some celebrity moms -- model-turned-Mom Kelly Misa, blogger Cat Arambulo, and host/emcee Patty Laurel -- who shared their experience with their young ones and how important a choice of mattress was to help them cope with lack of sleep. Top of mind for them - Dunlopillo.

(L-R): Kelly Misa, Cat Arambulo, and Patty Laurel

It's really true. When choosing a great mattress, you can't just go out and decide what to buy based on looks or price alone. If you will spend 1/3 of your life on a bed, you need to INVEST in a really good one that will support you through many years of sleeping. I find that the best way to know if a mattress will work for me is to LIE DOWN ON THEM!!! Haha. No kidding. And it is actually important to find out what is on the INSIDE, how a mattress is put together - because that is where it really matters!

Dunlopillo has 3 mattress types for different sleeping preferences: Catleya, Decora, and Lucia. They come in different heights and levels of support (firm, medium, soft) but they all come with the NormaBlock spring technology as well as a unique Talalay latex. More on these features down there.

As I said earlier, while many mattresses look great on the outside, it is really what's INSIDE that matters.

NormaBlock Innerspring Technology

The secret to every Dunlopillo mattress is its NormaBlock innerspring system, said to be the most technologically advanced mattress spring support in the market. Here are some of its features.

* It's fully engineered in Europe and is not just durable but really supports the body shape and the spine.
* Its heat-tempered spring system guarantees proper elasticity, total resilience and high durability

NormaBlock (side view)
The springs are continuous, allowing them just to spring back to original height when weight lifts.

NormaBlock (top view)

Talalay latex

Sitting on top of the NormaBlock innersprings is a thick layer of Talalay latex.

Notice how large this square of Talalay latex is, including large holes for aeration

If you're wondering how Dunlopillo mattresses are superior, here are some important features:

* Lumbar extra reinforcement - It fits perfectly the body's contour and supports the spine's correct position
* Internal aeration system - The more open cells allow better air flow and keep the entire mattress well-ventilated
* No partner disturbance - The mattress' spring system is such that if one person moves on one side of the bed, the other side does not move. Light sleepers need not worry about being disturbed by a partner's movements in bed.
* Hygienic - Talalay latex is hypoallergenic, with antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also anti dust mites.
* More natural - Talalay latex is extracted from the bark of the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, and because it is from a natural source, it also provides natural comfort
* Bigger support surface - Each Talalay latex square is larger than standard latex squares, making it retain its shape for many years.
* Durability - Dunlopillo mattresses last for years and years without losing its original shape. As proof, each mattress carries an 11-year warranty.

Watch this video.

My mattress is already over 25 years old. It is still good (a USA-made mattress that has really served us well). But I can already feel that it is out of shape in certain places despite reversing the mattress each time I change the linen. That's a sign that we are due for a change.

I will surely consider Dunlopillo when it comes time for me to decide on a replacement mattress.

Dunlopillo mattresses can be seen in their showrooms at 16 Acropolis Commercial Area, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis Quezon City, EDSA Cubao, and the MC Home Depot Fort Branch.

Follow Dunlopillo on Twitter and Instagram at @dunlopilloph.

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