Thursday, November 5, 2015

Knorr's Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program helps moms prepare more nutritious food for their families

There are at least 5 million malnourished children in the Philippines. 

That was a statistic from the Food Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of the DOST. Considering we are a population of about 100 million people, that is a scary 5% of the population that is not getting enough of the right nutrition. With children, malnutrition is especially critical because their brains and bodies are still developing and to lack the proper nutrients at this stage means they miss a very crucial window in their lives to develop to their full potential.

So it was quite inspiring to find out that Knorr was launching a Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program that aimed to make nutritious meals accessible for every child. The program is a 3-step model of Feed Teach and Make It Last.

  • Under Feed, Knorr has partnered with World Food Programme (WFP) and Kabisig ng Kalahi to provide feeding programs with its school-based and community-based programs
  • Under Teach, Knorr provides recipe booklets to barangays that teach moms not only how to prepare affordable and nutritious dishes at home but also the value of nutrition. These recipes are good for a family of 3-5 members are all cost below PhP 100.
  • In Make It Last, Knorr supports moms in setting up their businesses through a livelihood development module
This 3-step model does not just feed children; it addresses two main drivers of malnutrition: 1) lack of education on proper nutrition and 2) budget.

The mother's role in her children's nutrition is so crucial. The mother is the one who prepares her family's meal and does the grocery/marketing. If the mother is taught all about nutrition and shown how to allocate her food budget to maximize nutrition in all her homecooked dishes, less children will become malnourished. This is the aim of the Knorr Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program.

Celebrity moms tell RJ Ledesma how important a mother's role is in a child's nutrition

Representatives from WFP and Kabisig ng Kalahi described what they were doing to help address malnutrition in partnership with Knorr. In the Philippines, this partnership has led to 600,000 malnourished children in various barangays and communities being helped. 

World Food Programme representative
With WFP, Knorr reached conflict-stricken areas to provide schoolchildren with a warm meal every day for an entire school year.

Kabisig ng Kalahi representative
With Kabisig ng Kalahi, the program (a 6-month module) teaches mothers in communities how to cook nutritious meals daily and teaches them the value of proper nutrition for their child's growth.

To show us just what can be done with Knorr products to create affordable and nutritious dishes, we were made to sample specially made food items in different stalls within Mercato Centrale BGC that were quite affordable and delicious. My girl and I went around checking the dishes and sampled some of them. Prices were not bad at all. They ranged from as low as PhP 50 to about PhP 170 and the helpings could already feed a small family.

Sisig Bagnet for only PhP 70!!!

For more information about the Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program, check out and go to their Lutong Nanay page. There are recipes there made by celebrity moms as well as ordinary moms that one can already use to whip up delicious, nutritious, and affordable dishes at home.

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