Sunday, May 2, 2010

"DOugh YOUR PART" on May 10: Go out and VOTE!

Just one week from now and the Philippines will hold its first automated elections.

Many citizens' groups have joined hands to help the voting public. A big concern is teaching the public to vote in a different way from the old procedure of writing the candidates' names on a ballot. Mock elections held in different parts of the country showed that so many still were not sure how to vote.

In an effort to do their share in spreading awareness of exactly HOW TO VOTE, Krispy Kreme has come out with an innovative, and fun, way to make voters comfortable with the new ballot. Beginning this Labor Day weekend, all Krispy Kreme customers will be asked to fill out their orders for doughnuts using this mock-up ballot. Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme, has this to say about the mock ballot, "We wanted to make it a fun learning experience for the voters. This will help them prepare for the real, automated voting system."

(front of KK ballot)

(back of KK ballot)

And, from May 8 to May 10 only, limited edition Krispy Kreme Vote 2010 doughnuts will be available for sale.

I'm going to be one of those making a beeline for the Vote 2010 doughnuts this weekend. I suggest you get your family boxes before they run out. These will be great snacks to bring to the voting precincts as well. Sugar rush = high energy! Yes, I'll need a lot of energy to get over these days running up to Election Day.

And more message from Krispy Kreme...

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