Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Win a Shirt from Nike Women

POC Sportacular has teamed up with Nike for Mother's Day to bring you this contest. Yes, Mother's Day may be over but you still get a chance to win one of these Nike Women shirts.

Here are the different ways to join:
1.       Leave a comment below.
3.       Leave a comment on our Facebook wall.
4.       Follow us on Twitter.
5.       Tweet this link along with the #POCSportacular and #NikeWomen hashtags.
6.       Put a link to this contest on your blog (don’t forget to tell us about it!).
Once you've done any of the items on this list, post a comment here with the link to your entries or send an email to msumayao (at) thepoc (dot) net.
You get more entries for each individual item on the list, so maximize your chances of winning by doing everything we mentioned! Take note that each of these items will qualify as just one raffle entry, regardless of how many times you do them. That means that if you spam Twitter with a million of our hashtags, you’ll still get just one raffle entry.
The contest began last May 9, 2010 and runs till 12 midnight, May 17, 2010. Winners will be announced the next day, on Sportacular.

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