Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mang Inasal Delivers! Dial 733-1111

I come from the land of inasal -- Iloilo. And there, we eat it the yummy way. Grab the chicken with both hands, take a huge bite, then follow with hot rice eaten kamayan (bare hands) style. Nothing could be more enjoyable than eating chicken inasal with one's hands. Well that was before everyone became civilized and started eating inasal with spoon and fork, hahahaha.

So it is no wonder that I always find a chance to eat chicken inasal. It reminds me very much of my childhood. My kids love inasal too because on vacations to Dumaguete, we also get our fill of the chicken inasal there. So we were all excited when I got an email offering me a chance to try out Mang Inasal's new delivery service.

My kids and I were raring to try them. I made the call around 7:15 pm last week and in exactly 30 minutes (7:45 pm on the dot), our doorbell was ringing. Dinner had arrived -- PROMPTLY!

Mang Inasal sent two items from their menu. One was supposed to be PM1 (Leg or thigh with rice) and PM2 (breast or wing with rice). Frankly, when it arrived and we opened them, I could not tell which was PM1 because both looked similar.

Nevertheless, that did not stop us from enjoying our prompt chicken inasal dinner. My son even went as far as pouring the juices from the wrappings onto his rice. The delivery came with calamansi, vinegar and soy sauce. And oh yes, red chili pepper. Sawsawan galore!

There's more to chicken inasal in their delivery service. They include sisig (pork & bangus), sinigang, boneless bangus, and even burgers and spaghetti.

Lately, Mang Inasal has been in the news, with 70% of their shares being bought by Jollibee. How that will impact them remains to be seen but at the rate Jollibee has been acquiring others and improving on their offerings, like Chowking, Red Ribbon and Delifrance, all I can say is that Mang Inasal seems to be in good hands.

Visit Mang Inasal's website for a complete offering of their menu. Mang Inasal is also on Facebook.

Just one telephone number to remember for delivery service. 731-1111

One last thank you to the people from Yehey who made this possible. YEHEY!!!

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