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The UCC Beacons of Change Vision Logbook is Here

Isaac Asimov once said: "The only constant is change [emphasis is mine], continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be."

Change is experienced by everyone. Sometimes it is pleasant, other times painful. Sometimes something to look forward to, other times scary.

I've had so many changes in my life, I've lost count. And they run the gamut of all emotions as well.

But, as motivational speaker Francis Kong says, "What we need to do is to learn how to let go of our fear of change. If we want to consciously bring about change for the good, then that change has to be envisioned and planned."

Change, without direction, is just going with the flow wherever it takes you. Sometimes that works. But at other times, it just leads to a listless, unknown future.

Change, with a vision and goal, is what makes one's life meaningful and purposeful. And this was why Hubert Young, owner of the UCC Coffee concept shops in the Philippines thought of creating -- a vision logbook that can help people bring this change about in their lives.

Hubert Young, holding the Beacons of Change Vision Logbook

To help him develop this vision logbook, Hubert Young brought in beacons of change representing some of the country's top business coaches:

Francis Kong, motivational speaker

Randell Tiongson, personal finance expert

Raju Mandhyan, mind mapping expert

Jay Bernardo, founder of Let's Go Foundation

The Basic Vision Logbook

The basic vision logbook is good for 2 years (2011 and 2012). It contains various useful modules such as a travel vision logbook, conversion tables, notes, and Francis Kong stories, tips, and quotations. Promotional coupons for free dishes or drinks can also be found inside the logbook.

How to claim:

Present receipts issued within the promo period (Dec. 15, 2010 to Feb. 28, 2011) worth P5,000 from UCC Coffee Concept Stores to get the basic logbook. You will also be given a Beacons of Change card which gives you a chance to get a seat at a Group Collaboration Talk with Francis Kong (details below).

Add-on Modules

There are three (3) additional modules that you can get with every P1,500 single minimum receipt purchase at UCC Concept Stores within the promo period:

1. Randell Tiongson's 12 Easy Steps to Financial Wellness

2. Raju Mandhyan's Mind Mapping, and

3. Let's Go Foundation's "Entrepreneur's Workbook for Change"

When you claim any of these add-on modules, your Beacons of Change card will be stamped and can help you get a chance to join the Coffee Collaboration talks.

Coffee Collaboration Talks

Meet 3 of the beacons of change and attend their collaboration talks where they can expound on the topics they are experts in.


There will be 3 deadlines for dropping your stamped Beacons of Change card: January 8 is the deadline for Financial Wellness, January 15 for Mind Mapping and January 22 for Entrepreneur's Workbook for Change). Cut-off time on these 3 dates is 11PM.

Ten (10) names will be drawn the Monday after each cut-off date to determine who get seats to the Coffee Collaboration Talks of each beacon. The actual schedules of the 3 collaboration talks will be posted at UCC branches by January 2, 2011.

Group Collaboration Talk with Francis Kong

There's an added bonus. Those who are able to get all three add-on modules, with their Beacons of Change Card stamped and have the UCC Manager signatures for all three modules within their respective release weeks may drop their stub at UCC Podium's tambiolo between January 23-29, 2011 (deadline is 11PM of January 29). Ten names drawn on January 31, 2011 will get to attend Francis Kong's Group Coffee Collaboration Talk.

Beneficiary of the Program

Five percent of proceeds from the UCC Beacons of Change Vision Logbook program goes to Christ's Commission Fellowship. This is a movement that has outreaches for ethics and values formation for government, outreaches for prisoners, street children, cancer and substance abuse patients and other sectors of society. This promo runs till February 28, 2011.

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The logbook looks so gorgeous! Can't wait to get one. Great site! Congratulations! Hope to read more of your articles later. Happy New Year!