Friday, June 10, 2011

Clear's Total 3 Scalp Care Line

I have been buying Clear shampoo for my boys for some time now. They love the Cool Sport Menthol variant. This was an additional incentive for me to go and attend Clear's event recently at Midas Hotel. Curious me wanted to find out why my boys would specifically ask me to buy this brand over others they've tried.

Midas Hotel (which, I found out later, was a renovated Hyatt Regency Hotel) sported a unique, yuppie kind of look at the lobby, with a grand piano on a raised dais and modern glass and orange-accented decor

Midas Hotel lobby

Entrance to Midas Hotel

I was ushered by receptionists to an escalator and took an express ride all the way to the penthouse of the hotel. Good thing I had just washed my hair because it would have been totally embarrassing. I found out, upon reaching the penthouse, that like everyone else there, I was going to have a... SCALP TEST!

A hair analyzing probe was rolled over a portion of my scalp. Thankfully, I had no dandruff and no sebum (the oily substance secreted which, if in excess, can cause very oily hair and odor if bacteria feeds on it. But because of other hair concerns like dryness and hairfall, my overall score was an acceptable 70%.

My scalp test score - 70%!
After some canapes and cocktails, we were led into the main area to wait for the program to begin. Fortunately, we got a good place in the front of the stage with no cameras blocking our view.

Borgy Manotoc and Bianca Valerio were the hosts for the event and we all had such a good time listening to them because they were very casual, joked around a lot and were simply entertaining.

Borgy Manotoc and Bianca Valerio hosted the event

Clear's brand ambassadors, Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo, were introduced. Finally, I got to set my eyes on dreamy Piolo and really admired how utterly straight and beautiful Bea's hair was!

But on to the real VIPs of the day -- the Clear Total 3 line of scalp care. Here's the total line.


- that dandruff is primarily a fungal disease caused by Malasezzia?
- that we all have Malasezzia and when our scalp is unhealthy, the fungi could take over and cause flakes to appear?
- that our scalp is just like our normal skin except that it has more hair follicles, more sebum, more nerves and a lot of Malasezzia?
- that scalp damage can be caused by harsh shampoos, microbes, stress and poor diet habits?
- that dandruff is worse in cold season than in the summer?
- women's scalps are tougher than men's but get easily damaged due to more frequent styling and is prone to hairfall
- men's scalps are weaker, have more sebum than women's and so are more prone to dandruff?

With extensive research, the people behind Clear incorporated two nutrients into their Total 3 scalp care products that do not just wash away flakes from the surface of the scalp but penetrate deep down -- to be exact, 3 layers down into the scalp -- to give:

1. No Dandruff
2. No Dryness
3. Less Hair Fall

These nutrients are Nutrium 10 for women and Pro-Nutrium 10 for men. There are 10 vitamins and mineral nutrients inside Nutrium 10. And in Pro-Nutrium 10, there are two powerful anti-dandruff actives: Zinc Pyrithione and Climbazole. 


Unisex/Women (4 variants)

Complete Soft Care 2 in 1 - for all scalp and hair types; transforms hair from dry to soft and shiny

Ice Cool Menthol - for all scalp and hair types; refreshes and revives scalp and hair with a burst of menthol freshness

Dry Scalp & Itch Control - for dry, itchy scalp

Anti-Hair Fall - for weakened scalp and hair' strengthens hair from roots to tips and increases hair's defense against hair fall

Men (3 variants)

Cool Sport Menthol - for all scalp and hair types; the ultimate anti-dandruff refreshment

Anti-Hair Fall - for weakened hair fiber; strengthens hair and defends against hair fall

Cooling Itch Control - for dry, itchy scalp

I've seen Clear in action already. Right after the event, I gave the Cooling Itch Control variant for men to one of my boys who was showing signs of dandruff from another brand's shampoo (it was something I picked off the shelf randomly but which turned out very ineffective). It hasn't even been a month yet since he started his regimen on Clear but last time I looked, his dandruff was gone. Yay!

I'm excited to try the variant for hair fall. With my super long hair now, I need to make sure I keep the roots really strong and the tips soft.

Thanks to Unilever's Clear team and to Bridges for this event.

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