Sunday, June 12, 2011

VitWater Power and Phil Younghusband

Recently, media was introduced to the launch of RFM's leading energy brand Vitwater Power. And who better to endorse Vitwater Power(also called VitPower, for short) than one of today's heartthrobs, Philippine National Football Team power player, Phil Younghusband.

It is so important for anyone, whether leading an active life or not, to stay hydrated. Adequate hydration keeps the body's system functioning well. After all, 75% of our body is water. We remain active, full of energy, and skin is soft, supple and younger looking when hydrated.

Phil is known as one of the most active athletes in the country today. Just take a look at his schedule. Every day, he trains 2 hours in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon as part of his rigorous football training. He and his older brother James also put up the Younghusband Football Academy in 2010 to promote the game of football in the country and to help train young kids in the sport. And he has been an active endorser of brands that espouse a healthy lifestyle as well as fashionable ones so Phil's 24 hours in a day can easily fill up.

We were given bottles of VitPower to drink and I was delightfully surprised that the taste was very pleasing to the palate. The apple-flavored vitamin water, according to Mr. Cris Canaria, RFM's Brand Manager for Beverages, has higher contents of Taurine (aids in the breakdown of fats and absorption of vitamins), Inositol (helps prevent collection of fats in the liver), Vitamin B and ginseng, making this an ideal refreshment for individuals who are as active as Phil. It has zero sugar, is low in calories, and does not have that medicinal aftertaste in drinks with artificial sweeteners.

My ice-cold bottle of VitPower
Ingredient Comparison: VitPower vs competing brands

For Phil to endorse VitPower is testament to his confidence that after a hectic day and in between activities, this is all he needs to give him an energy boost that allows him to extend his day with enough energy.

But Phil knows that the career of a footballer often does not last for long especially after the age of 30. And since his Dad is no longer around, he gives a lot of importance to family. In fact, at the press conference, when he was asked what other activities he had, he said that when there were no games, practice or brand endorsements, he would just spend time with his family.

Want to see how busy a day is with Phil? Watch this. If I had a day like this, I definitely would need an energy drink to get me through.

VitPower retails currently at P15/bottle.

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