Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shiok comes to Promenade, Greenhills in San Juan

The Food Club recently got an invite to visit and try the menu of the latest food place in Promenade, Greenhills - Shiok. In Fookien, shiok means "cheap" or "inexpensive". I found out later from the chef-owners that it had a different meaning for their restaurant. Since their cuisine is primarily Singaporean, shiok in Singapore means "delicious". That revelation set my mind up for a yummy dinner ahead.

We began with Steamed Kailan, a side dish that is prepared in oyster sauce. Kailan's thick stems look like those of broccoli but the leaves are broad and flat. While waiting for the parade of main dishes, we were also served Teh C, which is coffee with milk tea, a fairly strong tea brew. Just fair warning to those extra sensitive to caffeine like me - this one can keep you alert for hours. So be careful about drinking it at night.

Steamed Kailan (PhP 80)

Teh C

Next came a Malaysian specialty - Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis, fried rice with anchovies. eggs, shrimps, and vegetables. This one I really loved because when I go to Chinese restaurants, our family normally orders salted fried rice (with salted fish). The added touch was the sambal, a popular condiment found in Malaysia and Singapore, served on a small spoon.

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis (PhP 140)
The main dishes that were served to us came one after the other. I was unable to try all of them so I will first describe those I did.

Premium Hainanese Chicken
Premium Soy Chicken

For those who like white meat, try Shiok's Premium Hainanese Chicken. You may ask what makes their dish different from the usual Hainanese chicken found in other restaurants. Their secret? Their chicken is imported. And the ginger/soy sauce/sesame oil sauce completes the dish. Now, if your preference is simply a soy sauce-marinated chicken, go for the Premium Soy Chicken.

Crispy Pork (PhP 180)
Traditional Cantonese roast
The Crispy Pork reminded me of the Chinese appetizers that usually precede lauriats. Try both dips.

Fried Fish with Eggplant (PhP 180)
Deep fried fish in special Cantonese oyster sauce mix
Fried Fish with Eggplant was one of my favorites. I liked the sauce that wrapped the fish, which turned out to be dory, my ever favorite fish fillet ingredient. While I am not a fan of eggplant as much as some of my kids are, I think it lends its flavor to the overall taste of the dish.

Nasi Bojari (PhP 345)
Malaysian spicy fried chicken, beef rendang, assam prawns and
served with a special fried rice
Nasi Bojari is a dish that allows you to taste a little of everything. You can even have beef rendang without ordering the entire Beef Rendang dish.

Smashed Chicken (Ayam Penyet) (PhP 190)
Spiced fried chicken served with kangkong, fried potatoes,
sambal sauce and a thick soy sauce
Since I am a chicken person, over beef and pork, the various chicken dishes really pleased me. The Smashed Chicken is another one I enjoyed that evening, especially with the touch of seasoned tempura flakes sprinkled over its top.

Spicy Pineapple Fish (PhP 150)
Deep-fried fish topped with Singaporean pineapple chili sauce
I thought the fried fish with eggplant was good but this one topped it. As you bite into the fish, it is a bit crunchy outside but steamed soft inside. The pineapple sauce was a good sweet/sour sauce combination.

The rest of the dishes served to us are below, with their prices:

Baked Beef Brisket Curry (PhP 250)
Beef curry baked over rice. Popular in HK & Singapore
Beef Rendang (PhP 345)
Beef hanging tenders simmered with coconut cream and chili
Fishball Kwey Teow (PhP 185)
Rice noodles w/ Singaporean fishballs, fish cake, bok choy,
ikan bilis, mint leaves, bean sprouts and fish skin
Nonya Laksa (PhP 325)
Noodles, fresh prawns fish cake, tofu in a spicy, coconut prawn gravy
topped with laksa leaves

Lastly, dessert! There was Roti Kaya and Pisang Goreng. I went for Pisang Goreng, a delicacy made of banana fritters topped with gula melaka, ice cream and cocoa powder. Yes, this ice cream lover cannot resist any dessert with ice cream in it.

Pisang Goreng

My girl, who was with me, was not feeling too well that evening so I had to cut short our dinner while the Food Club still lingered and bonded. Oh well, that means I need to come back another time.

Ground Level, Promenade
Greenhills Shopping Center


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