Sunday, April 19, 2015

Clara Ole will make sure everyone can cook!

In this day of dual-income households and fast-paced living, almost no one has the luxury of time to cook -- unless your business is food or you are a chef by profession. The result? Fast food places are thriving as people drive through for one of those burgers, spaghetti or chicken pieces. Instant meals that are popped into the oven and served have also become popular. Not always healthy, mind you.

But what if you long also to have really tasty and healthier dishes that remind you of home-cooked meals? This is where Clara Ole comes in, with a wide range of pasta sauces, marinades, dips n' dressings, vinaigrettes. And they even have syrups, jams and jellies as well to pair up with dessert items!

My girl has always loved Clara Ole's Honey Mustard dressing and it has been a part of our grocery list for a while now but I was just wowed seeing the number of other Clara Ole stuff around.

At an event for bloggers, we saw Amy Perez share her signature dish (Castillo Fave) which she prepared on the spot. We also got to try a whole line of dishes ranging from salads to main dishes to dessert infused with Clara Ole products.

Now here's the good news for some of the busiest people -- condo dwellers. Beginning April 25, Clara Ole will be hosting Potluck Foodfests -- a series of 8 themed potluck mini parties at different condo residences. Clara Ole will have different personalities living in those condos invite their neighbors, family, and friends to share their own signature dishes using Clara Ole. Aside from recipes, everyone will be able to share time- and space-saving tips, havks and other useful information helpful to condo dwellers. If you live in a condo, watch out! Clara Ole may just go there in the next few months.

Want the recipe to Amy Perez's Castillo Fave dish? I found it at the Clara Ole Facebook page.

What you need:
Chorizo de bilbao; sliced
Clara Olé Cheesy Pesto Pasta Sauce
Clara Olé Bechamél White Sauce
Olive Oil
Shiitake Mushroom
Parmesan cheese; grated
How to Cook:- Heat pan then add Olive Oil
- Saute garlic and onions
- Put sliced chorizo de bilbao. Wait until it becomes golden brown
- Add Shiitake Mushroom
- Add Clara Olé Cheesy Pesto Pasta Sauce
- Slowly mix in Clara Olé Bechamél White
- Add a dash of salt and pepper to taste

You can find Clara Ole here:
Instagram and Pinterest: @ClaraOlePH

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