Thursday, March 10, 2011

Azur: Clothing line for young men

Yes, it's that time of the year again - Junior Prom, Senior Ball and Graduation.

Our youngest boy will be having his prom this coming weekend. Since he prefers loose jeans and shirts, we really had nothing in his wardrobe that qualified as prom material. So off to the mall we went.

After checking out the brand I thought would have a lot of possibilities, we found that colors he was inclined to were no longer available in his size. Upon looking around the area, we chanced upon a new clothing line that caught my eye - Azur.

Luck of all lucks, the two designers behind Azur were visiting the Crossings branch. They gamely assisted me and my son and helped him pick out his prom attire.

Now, I would have posted my son's attire here but he's quite shy about it so let me just go with some other pics I took from Azur.

The two designers behind Azur are Charles Cua and Melchor Guinto. They told me that they choose materials carefully to ensure the utmost comfort when these are worn. Their style is inspired from what's fashionable in the European circuit but they tweak the designs to put in their own styles.

Melchor showed me some suits he personally designed. According to him, the collars of these suits are his personal design and he'd know if anyone else copied these.

Azur is also trying to bring back some fashion trends. Melchor told me they are trying to revive the use of suspenders (cool!). And he showed me the bowtie that they are now offering with their shirts. He says it's not that difficult to tie. And besides, there's YouTube daw. Hahahaha...

The bowtie...untied
Their shirts and pants are reasonably priced, to my mind. We got my son's shirt for only P1,499. And Charles and Melchor said that that is the price of just about everything in their clothing line. For young men or for those who are just beginning to work, who want to look good but don't want to pay hefty prices, Azur is definitely a place to check out.

Azur can be found at the Marquee Mall (Pampanga), Landmark Trinoma, Crossings EDSA Shangri-la and The Ramp Glorietta.

Check them out too at the next Fashion Week.

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