Thursday, March 10, 2011

HiSense Launches Bluetooth Headsets

Despite the ordinance in some cities in the Metro banning the use of mobile phones while driving, I can still see so many people using their mobile phoes while on the road.

That is just one of the risks and inconveniences that bluetooth headsets are addressing. Hands-free mobile phone conversations reduce the risk of car accidents as you can keep your eyes on the road and both your hands on the steering wheel while talking.

But other than that, there are other advantages of using bluetooth headsets. You never have to miss that important call even when on a treadmill or fitness machine at the gym. For women, you could even be getting a manicure while chatting with your best friend on the phone. Or imagine yourself whipping up meals in your kitchen and still being able to talk on the phone while both hands are stirring the pan. I can think of more things you can do hands-free.

We are familiar with that other brand of Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones, Now, there's a new line of Bluetooth headsets from HiSense, a company that started out in China in 1969 as a small radio factory but which has now grown into a multibillion-dollar global conglomerate worldwide. Their Bluetooth mobile accessories range from multipoint mono Bluetooth headsets to stereo Bluetooth headsets to solar-powered hands-free car kits and portable solar-powered chargers. Their mono headsets and car kits can actually pair up to eight mobile devices while allowing the user to connect with two phones simultaneously, even if these two are with different network carriers.

The HB200 Mini and Slim Headsets

These two slim and compact headsets feature the Multi-Point Connection, allowing the user to connect two mobile phones (even from different carriers) at the same time. A new feature of this one compared to other brands is the magnetic clip that you can use as a tie clip or, with the provided lanyard, hang it around your neck. You'll never lose or misplace your headset. An optional ear hook is also provided. Both have 5.5 hours talk time, 150 hours standby time. SRP for both models: Php 1,950.

The HB400C Headset

This is the headset for music lovers because now you can stream your favorite music tracks in stereo sound with ease. It is wearable as a necklace, making it great for an active lifestyle. This has 6 hours of talk or play time and 160 hours standby time. SRP: Php 2,950.

The HB420S Sport

They call this the gym headset because you can answer the phone or stream music while doing your workout. It's sweat-proof as well. The headset goes all the way around the back of the head, out of the way of your hands. This is the one I'd choose for the gym because it does away with the wires of my iPod earphones. SRP: Php 3,450.

The HB440H

I would say this is a guy kind of headset, something my boys will probably love to use. It's stylish, hip and comfortable. Hi-Fi frequency response speakers bring clear stereo music and calls. SRP: Php 3,950.

HB650S Car Kits

Truly hands-free driving can be had with this car kit. It is echo-free and has noise reduction features that minimize background noise. It stores up to 1,000 contacts and with its Smart Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature, the caller's name or number is automatically announced when you get an incoming call. You can charge this in 2 ways: via cigarette lighter or with the sun's rays through its integrated solar panel. A windshield cradle and external microphone complete the car kit.

SRPs for car kits:

B600 Bluetooth hands-free - Php 2,450
HB600S Solar Bluetooth hands-free - Php 3,450
HB650 Bluetooth hands-free - Php 3,850
HB650S Solar powered Bluetooth hands-free - Php 4,850

HiSense bluetooth headsets are available at Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Astrovision, ROX, Switch, iStudio, Odyssey and Power Mac Center.


Nicely said...

I would love to have a HB420S Sport! Looks cool to use while running :)

Jane said...

Nicely, that is the one I want too! :-)

pjroperos said...

Hello, Just want to know where can i buy a spare ear buds for my Hisense HB200M Bluetooth Mono Headset. please let me know. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Where can the items being shown? Appreciate if you could provide contact numbers. Thanks