Thursday, March 24, 2011

Allies Wonder Peanuts: Loaded with garlic, not with calories

Although my doctor has told me to stay away from nuts because of my kidney stone history, it is really a very hard thing to do. You see, I super love nuts. Macadamia, pistachio, walnuts, almonds, cashew or plain peanuts. I love them all. And when it comes to peanuts, I always look for the brands that carry lots and lots of garlic. I can actually eat those crunchy garlic chips alone, I think.

There's a new line of peanuts in town. Dear friends Fran and Paul, who are also my neighbors, are behind Allies Wonder Peanuts, a line of greaseless, low calorie, garlic-loaded peanuts.

Here, take a look at the peanuts up close when I opened my container:

Ooooohhhh, it was really addicting. Generous helpings of garlic chips were all over the container and they were very crunchy and garlic-ky. The peanuts were very tasty and indeed greaseless so that's why it carries less calories. I can indulge as it is more healthy than peanuts cooked in oil. Yup, I violated my diet restriction many times over but I just couldn't help it.

For information on where to find Allies Wonder Peanuts, contact Paul at (0917) 538-8125.

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