Sunday, November 6, 2011

BPI's Limited Edition 160th Commemorative Tattoo (winner posted) Stick + a Giveaway

(UPDATE: I asked a BPI branch manager and her staff to select the winner. So firstly, thank you to Ms. Helena Tiu of BPI-Wilson branch!!! And *drumroll*, the winner who gets the BPI 160th commemorative Tattoo stick is -- Joyce Rivera Mauricio! Congratulations, Joyce. I will be contacting you directly.)

Last Thursday, an intimate gathering of bloggers at Cafe Mary Grace in Greenbelt 2 met up with BPI and Globe people for the launching of the BPI 160th Commemorative Tattoo Stick to mark 160 years of the Bank of the Philippine Islands' existence as a financial institution.

(photo courtesy of Globe Tattoo website)

Being online is now a part of my waking and working hours. From the time I wake to the time I sleep, I am online (so how many hours is that?). If I'm home, then I use our wifi but the moment I step out, that's another matter. My mobile phones are wifi and 3G-enabled, my ipad is also 3G-enabled, and when I bring my Macbook along with me, I have USB sticks as well.

My confession? I have sticks for 2 other carriers but not for Globe Tattoo yet (guilty!!!).  I got one stick from an event and the other one, I bought during a promo. I guess at that time, I felt that having 2 dongles was more than enough. And yet, living in the Philippines, I experienced times when I could not connect through those two carriers in the particular area where I was so I had already been mulling getting a Globe Tattoo stick to give me a third option. And then this event came along.

Charo Logarta (met her for the 1st time here) emcees the event

Dong Ronquillo, Globe's Head-Nomadic Broadband

Anj Mirasol, BPI's Head-Electronic Channels Marketing Dept.

Bloggers in attendance
(L-R): Roch, me, Jackie, Faith and Alvin (standing)
As this is a tie-up with BPI (and I am a BPI accountholder who uses online banking a lot), I was happy to note that many of the online banking services were embedded in the commemorative stick, something that made this particular Globe Tattoo stick even more useful for me.

What's so special about the BPI 160th Globe Tattoo stick?

1. It's a limited edition stick commemorating BPI's 160 years. That's never coming around again, right? You'll own a collector's item right there and then.

2. It's the first (and only) co-branded internet broadband stick (with speeds up to 3.6Mbps) that allows you to access various BPI websites such as fund transfers, prepaid mobile reloading, bills payment, express cash reload and balance inquiries even with ZERO PREPAID BALANCE. So imagine yourself being able to go to BPI Express Online site, paying your bills or reloading prepaid phones with zilch load in your stick. This feature is available for free till Dec. 31, 2012.

3. BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct accountholders can have 24/7 internet access because these BPI Tattoo sticks can be topped up via BPI Express Online REAL-TIME, among others. Other top-up channels are Express Phone, Express Mobile, Express Teller ATM machines, Globe prepaid cards, AutoloadMAX, Share-a-load and GCASH.

4. The stick has a CALL OPTION so clients can access the BPI Express Phone for more banking services.

And here's MORE!

5. As a special promo offer till December 31, 2011, the BPI 160th commemorative stick is going to be sold for only P835 each (regular price is P995) if ordered through BPI's microsite, (Note: you can order a maximum of 10 sticks per person, per day)

6. For the promo period, delivery is also free of charge NATIONWIDE!

7. The stick comes pre-loaded with 120 hours of free internet browsing valid for 5 days. After the 120 hours/5 days ends, access to internet sites will be charged the standard rate of P5 for every 15 minutes.

For more details on how to order, read HERE and HERE.

Some things to remember though. The sim in the BPI 160th commemorative stick is the one that has the features described above. Lose the sim and you won't get the free access to BPI sites anymore from a regular Globe sim. Also, the sim has a 6-month life after the balance goes down to zero after which it is deactivated if not topped up.

My Giveaway!

At the event, I got my own anniversary stick and that's a blessing in disguise because now I have my very first Globe Tattoo stick! But that's not all.

Thanks to BPI and Globe, I will be able to send a lucky follower of my Facebook page his/her very own limited edition anniversary stick as well as other giveaways inside a Globe Tattoo loot bag.

The loot bag!

Winner gets this commemorative BPI 160th Tattoo stick...
and the red, reusable shopping bag it is lying on... well as this ballpen and post-it notes too. (Macbook NOT included, haha)

Let's have fun now. Here's how you get a chance to win this BPI-Globe Tattoo package:

1. Join The Philippine Beat Facebook page HERE.

2. Complete this sentence on your own Facebook wall (not on my wall): "If I had the BPI 160th commemorative Tattoo stick, I would use it to...." and tag my page. You may write just one sentence or several, be funny, creative, whatever. Just be sure your sharing settings are set to Public because I can only count those posts showing up on my own wall.

3. You can send in only one entry so everyone has a fair chance. If there are several entries under one Facebook account, I'll count only the first one submitted.

4. The winner has to be in the Philippines (I can't send this abroad!) with a mailing address that the regular courier services (e.g., Air 21, LBC, etc) accept. If you leave in some remote location (which I highly doubt, hahaha), the winner has to designate an address acceptable to the courier.

5. The contest begins when this post is published and will end on Nov. 27 (Sunday) at 10PM, Manila time.

6. A judge of my choosing will select his/her choice answer. I'll only provide the judge with the entries without the entrants' names so the selection is done with anonymity. The judge's pick will be FINAL.

7. I will post the winner's name on my Facebook page and update this post as well by Nov. 30, 2011.

That's it!!!

I can't wait to send this loot bag to the winner because if you're as mobile as I am, and a BPI accountholder to boot (or planning to become one), this stick gives you both worlds in one stick.


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