Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jewelmer's Concept Boutique opens in Resorts World Manila

The name Jewelmer easily conjures up images of the best, most lustrous Palawan South Sea pearls ever found in the world. Founded by French perliculture specialist Jacques Branellec and Filipino entrepreneur Manuel Cojuangco in 1979, Jewelmer is now synonymous with exquisite, rare, valuable Palawan South Sea pearls known worldwide.

And just the other night, some of us had the chance to mix in with the Jewelmer crowd to witness the grand opening of Jewelmer Joaillerie (joaillerie is French for 'jewelry' or 'jeweller's shop') at the Newport Mall of Resorts World Manila.

Glimpse of the Jewelmer concept boutique
(photo taken from Jewelmer's Facebook page)

The first time I heard of Jewelmer was in the 80s. I was a fairly new auditor working for one of the largest accounting firms and in one of those years with the Firm, The Peninsula Manila became my client. Every time I would pass the Jewelmer shop in the hotel, I would stop to admire the black South Sea pearls being displayed. Even then, Jewelmer's South Sea pearls were already held up as the premier choice in jewelry by the wealthiest families and individuals not just in the Philippines but globally.

At that time, the pearls were black in color. But in 1999, the first batch of deep gold pearls were harvested and today, the golden pearls of Jewelmer are probably the most expensive kind of pearls on the planet. My friend Noemi tells me that pearls can only get their golden luster from the cleanest sea waters and that is in Palawan. That's one big reason to truly protect our seas!

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but pearls show off a woman's passion. Just wearing stud pearl earrings set against a bold or black simple dress is enough to exude beauty and elegance from its wearer. My mom always told me that pearls needed to be worn, not locked away in some safety deposit box. The more pearls are worn, the more their true luster comes out.

Here's Angel Aquino looking so stunning in her deep red dress with only strands of pearls as her accessory.

I took time inside the concept boutique looking at pieces and admiring the quality of craftmanship. It's really amazing to find out the craftsmen who can create these are found in our own country. Here are some of the pieces:

Even a pearl with an odd shape can be transformed into a creature of beauty. 
This diamond-encrusted, golden eagle costs US$ 38,000!!!

Margherita collection (one gold South Sea pearl set with 18 karat diamonds and 23.82 karat yellow gold)

Giverny collection

(inspired by artist Claude Money's secret garden, this collection consists of
a beautiful necklace that has 14 golden pearls and a bracelet with 10 golden pearls
with over 3-carat diamonds in each of these pieces and 18k gold)

Collection of earrings set off against a long pearl necklace

Tutti Frutti (one South sea pearl set with topaz blue stones
and 18k white gold)

Come and visit Jewelmer's concept boutique at the Ground Floor of Newport Mall at Resorts World. Admire the beauty that our seas produce, enhanced by the skilled craftsmanship of our own people. And while you're at it, think of the possibility of investing in pearls. Unlike many things we buy that depreciate in value over time, precious pearls such as these continue to increase in value as time wears on.

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