Friday, November 11, 2011

Samsung MV800 - a multiview, self photo camera

You know how hard it is to get a self-photo, right? In most of my blogger events, we always end up asking other people to take our photo with our camera or someone from our group has to be the one behind the lens.

The few times I have tried to take a self-photo with my digicam, my photos would get half my face, come out crooked and look so awkward.

About two years ago, we marvelled at the new Samsung digicam with 2D view technology which had a second frontal display screen. What a novelty it was back then as friends who had it showed us how easy it was to compose self-photos exactly the way we wanted the shot. The camera could also detect a smile, taking a picture just as you grin.

Last November 4, Samsung introduced the Samsung MV800 - a multiview camera - at a media launch. The MV800 can be rotated all the way to 180 degrees to catch important events from any angle.

Here are some features of the MV800:

A 3.0" touchscreen display features different apps you can launch
with the touch of a finger. No knob twisting anymore.

See that sign on the side? A whopping 16.1 megapixels!
And what is that - a 45 degree angle?

Top view

At 90-degree angle

At 180-degree angle

Side view at 180-degree angle

Schneizer-KREUZNACH 26-130mm lens,
5x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom

My self-photo

And here's more.

  • Magic Frame - 12 fun, background templates as well as ability to customize one's own
  • Picture-in-picture - insert one image with another
  • Smart Filter - 14 artistic efects like Water Paint and Cartoons
  • Funny Face - bend, stretch and manipulate pictures by dragging to distort faces in funny ways
  • Storyboard Maker - arrange photos, choose layout, and see your story unfold
  • HD recording
For more detailed specs, visit

The Samsung MV800 retails at PhP 14,990 and is available at leading camera shops nationwide.


Joy Merced said...

Nice review! Nice digicam! Kudos!

Jane said...

Thank you for your kind words. Now, if only someone here will get the hint and give me one for Christmas.