Thursday, November 10, 2011

Otterbox is now in the Philippines!

The first time I heard of Otterbox was from my friend, Carlo Ople. And I did not hear of it -- I saw it in action. In a dramatic way. Because to prove how sturdy it was and how much faith he had in it, Carlo made a video where he dropped his Otterbox-encased iPad from a sofa onto the floor. Yes, Carlo is crazy.

But, what do you know, next thing I know, Carlo invites me to an Otterbox event. It's now available in town through Tenkie Box!

As they say, if you're going to spend precious money to buy an expensive gadget, why scrimp on its protective casing, right?

Otterbox is available in 4 variants and for a wide variety of devices - Apple, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Dell, and HTC.

1. Defender - this series is a multi-layered case completely enclosing your device and is rugged enough to withstand any environment.

2. Reflex - this series features an innovative drop, scratch and bump protection inspired by the crumple zone of a car. Unlike the other variants that feature double cases that enclose the device, the Reflex cases have an upper and lower part that fit when combined.

3. Commuter - this series is stylish but features a sleek and tough case that prevents potential damage. The device is first enclosed in a silicone skin followed by a durable plastic case, front and back.

4. Impact - this series is the low-end Otterbox model but is still durable with a compression-molded silicone skin that absorbs impact and deflects bumps and dings.

I thought only Carlo would have the guts to throw his Otterbox-encased iPad around but at the event, guess what! They threw and juggled their personal iPhones around. See for yourself how confident they are about it.

So, which Otterbox variant is for you? It really depends on how active your lifestyle is.

Those into extreme sports, are athletic, or just want the ultimate protection should consider the Defender. If you think it is too bulky (my first impression when I saw Carlo's encased iPad), then you can choose from any of its other lines. True, the Otterbox Defender, the thickest but most rugged-handling of the 4 variants, may appeal more to the guys but I heard that some ladies actually prefer it because it gives them the most protection for their valuable gadgets.

In my case, I chose the Commuter case for the iPhone to give to my husband as he just keeps his phones in his pocket and runs the risk of dropping it on the pavement. Because it is the plastic case which is outside, this is the best variant for him as it easily slides in and out of his pants pocket.

To find out where Tenkie Box can be found, visit their website HERE. When you order online, they deliver free of charge within Metro Manila.


Al said...

I believe the image you have for the commuter series is in fact a defender. I've got a defender for the iphone4s and its great. Only problem is that the outer silcone tends to stretch and gets out of shape.

Jane said...

Al, I don't know about that. I got my husband the Commuter series and it looks like that photo. But if you have the Defender, which is a lot thicker than the Commuter, you have the best protection in the series!