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Beginnings: All-white baby clothes

Did you know that while department stores visibly display baby clothes in different colors, most Moms actually go for the whites?

This was the observation of Beginnings COO Govind Daswani as he recounted to a group of us how he and another person from their company spent days hanging around department stores, watching and observing Moms buy items from the baby section. He said that whites were often relegated to a corner of shelves and yet Moms filled their baskets with all-white baby clothes.

Curious, he got to interview some Moms and their answers were practical and made sense. Here are some reasons why Moms prefer all-white baby wear:

1. It's easier to spot stains and dirt.
2. It's easier to detect insects (dengue mosquitoes, most of all!)
3. It's clean and cool to baby skin (nice in summer and on hot days, like nowadays!)
4. And, if I may add my own reason, white is unisex -- easier on the budget, unlike the blues and pinks that can only look nice on a boy or girl, respectively.

Realizing that there was a nitch they could get into, Mr. Daswani quickly commissioned the designing of a complete line of baby wear - ALL IN WHITE!

Beginnings' product line

All-white tops and bottoms

Nice white baby shoes!

Some samples we opened to touch and examine more closely

As a Mom, I know how other moms are very discriminating when it comes to their babies' stuff. I know. Because I used to be OC about that. And anything that is worn by baby or applied on baby has to be free from any kind of harm or health risk. So I was glad that Mr. Daswani expounded on the meticulous care they gave to the production of their all-white baby line.

Take this baby shirt, for example.

Beginnings strictly follows US standards for baby clothes:

* They use only premium Shiny Cotton Thread to guarantee the durability of their products.

* To avoid loose or too-tightly sewn stitches, they follow a specific stitching distance so stitching is never twisted or wrinkled.

* Attachments on shoulders and sides are more durable for long-term use due to double stitching done by overlock machines.

* Cotton ties are easily adjustable and are used in place of buttons which are choking hazards for children 0-12 months.

* Special needles are used to avoid puckering that can cause unsightly needle holes and other defects such as open seams, raw edges and broken stitches. Regular needles create holes that make garments more prone to breakage and tear.

* They use special cotton garters with carefully studied, standard measurements required for maximum stretch so your baby does not get waistline marks and other irritations.

We were allowed to open a few of the items. I took time to touch the cloth of a tie-shirt and noticed how soft and smooth it was to the touch. True to their claim, the double stitching looked really well done. I have to say, Beginnings really pays attention to detail and quality.

I thought these were 100% cotton but Mr. Daswani said it was actually 65% cotton, 35% polyester. The rationale? Because 100% cotton loses its shape while the 65:35 ratio retains the shape while still keeping baby cool.

I just love their tagline: "Made with love and cotton". Don't you?

Beginnings is made for babies from 0-12 months only. Why not for older babies? Because he says that by that age, the babies are ready to move on to a more colorful wardrobe. Yes, we mommies like to dress our kids up, right?

Bloggers in white with COO Govind Daswani and CEO Kishu Daswani

Another surprising bit of information was that Beginnings is already present in the Visayas and it's only now that they are bringing their product to Metro Manila. They wanted to grow in a less competitive environment till they were ready to join in. I guess this is their time to penetrate Metro Manila.

Like Beginnings on their Facebook Page: The About page gives a list of outlets where you can find Beginnings baby wear.

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