Sunday, April 8, 2012

Human Nature's Berry Bliss Lotion

I use lotion a lot. At this age, I have to make sure that my skin is always hydrated and protected from drying and shriveling up in this heat. My lotion was down to just a few more applications when I received a sample of Human Nature's Berry Bliss lotion to try. Speaking of good timing!

This newly launched lotion variant has a strong but pleasant berry scent the moment you pop open the lid, which I immediately did. I guess that made a first good impression because I really love berry scent anyway.

As with all other Human Nature products, this Berry Bliss lotion is what they call healthy lotion. Why? Because it is made without all the chemicals that go into other commercially made lotions. It's free of parabens that could bring on all kinds of health disorders including cancer.

Reading the ingredients on the label, I noticed also that they had infused the lotion with their sunflower seed oil. I have the sunflower oil of Human Nature as well and it is very popular because it helps to moisturize hair, give shine under the eyes, and moisturize skin but I noticed that when used solely, it tended to be thick and gooey -- and oily. Surprisingly, as I poured out the Berry Bliss lotion and rubbed it into my skin, there was no physical trace of the oily sunflower oil. Looks like Human Nature put in just enough of it to work without getting too oily. I could feel my skin feeling all smooth and moisturized and smelling berry, berry nice.

I'm going for the Berry Bliss next time I need to buy lotion. Just one thing, I hope their improved version of this down the road comes with some sunscreen protection.

Berry Bliss lotion comes in two sizes: the 50ml bottle costs PhP 65.75 while the 200ml bottle goes for PhP 199.75.

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Pauline Reyes said...

Thanks for the review! I use Alpha Hydrox hand and body lotion and I love its anti-wrinkle treatment!
-Pauline @ Kallony