Thursday, April 26, 2012

Johnson's Innovates Baby Care for New Gen Moms

Even if all my kids are all grown up, I love attending baby events because I get to see all kinds of stuff I never had available when I was having my children. So many new items are making it more convenient for mothers these days.

When Johnson's invited me to their Baby Innovations, I arranged my schedule to attend. After all, my kids grew up on No Tears Johnson's Baby Shampoo and Baby Oil. I was very curious what innovations they would introduce this time.

BBDO Philippines General Manager Francine Khan-Gonzales first described to us what the New Gen Moms are all about. She's one who is technology-enabled, most likely holds a job out of the home, takes a proactive role in the rearing of her kids, and does not hesitate to do her own internet research about a wide range of topics including healthy tips for her children and parenting approaches. Wait, that sounds like me, except that my kids are all grown already. Hahaha...

Well I wish I still had very young kids because the new Johnson's products that were introduced really come a long way from the No Tears shampoo they used to have in my kids' time.

Two new Johnson's products were being launched but I had a chance to also check out the others they had.

Daily Sun Protection Lotion

This one I didn't know till I heard it at this event: a baby's skin is not fully developed yet to protect it from environmental stresses including the harsh rays of the sun. Their skin does not have enough melanin to fully protect them against UV rays. A baby's skin will not show skin damage but the cumulative effect of that can result to wrinkles and sunspots down the road as well as possible melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

The Daily Sun Protection Lotion comes in 2 variants: SPF 15 100ml (SRP PhP 230) and SPF 30 50ml (SRP PhP 215). Its ingredients provide protection against UVA/UVB rays. It's also light and non-greasy to keep your baby feeling comfortable.

Top-to-Toe Self Foaming Wash

This is my familiar Johnson's No Tears Baby Shampoo that went through a major overhaul not just on the outside (packaging) but also on the inside. It's one product you can use just like its older version but wait till you pump it out. It doesn't come out as thick, heavy liquid like the shampoo I knew but rather in a light, frothy, fine and delicate foam. Rubbing it on baby gives a cushiony and silky feeling and because it's foamy light, it's that much easier to wash off. Putting it in a pump is a great idea too because unlike before when I had to snap open the top lid with one hand while holding the bottle with the other, this design allows mommy to pump with one hand and hold baby with the other.

Top-to-Toe Self Foaming Wash comes in a 400ml bottle (SRP PhP 407). This June, Johnson's will come up with a 350ml bottle (SRP PhP 323.40).

Top-to-Toe also comes in a regular wash version in 2 different sizes: 200m and 500ml.

Now here are a few more products that I decided to use myself. Why? I just love the powdery scent. It beats perfume, at least for me.

Baby Skincare Wipes

I use wipes all the time -- traveling, freshening up before and after yoga, and in this heat, just about any time of the day. This Baby Skincare Wipes smells of baby powder and is not alcohol-based. It's just so perfect for me. I'm hoping they create  a more portable version I can drop into my yoga bags, not something this heavy.


For the longest time when I was growing up, Johnson's Baby Powder was just one kind. The ordinary powdery kind. When I was having kids, they already had the Cornstarch Powder variant which I preferred on my kids who were prone to asthma. Imagine seeing now their NATURALCALM line --  bedtime powder, bedtime lotion and bedtime bath products -- that are infused with a naturally calming scent so that baby falls asleep easily and better. Who says only baby can use it? I intend to use these myself alternately with lavender (relaxing aromatherapy) scents sprayed on my pillows and sheets.

Johnson's & Johnson's has not stopped innovating, as shown by their constantly evolving products to suit today's baby and Mom. Makes you wonder what more they can come up with for the discriminating parent....

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