Friday, April 27, 2012

Starbucks Happy Hour and Customizable Tumblers


I was told that in some Starbucks branches last year when they had Happy Hour from 12noon to 2pm, lines would be snaking around way past the 2pm cutoff and people would sometimes get served past 3pm.  So this time, Starbucks decided to make Happy Hour from 2-6 pm every Monday from April 30 to May 28, 2012. (Tip: Get in line before 2pm's cutoff and you will be able to avail of the promo even beyond the cutoff time)

Make your own However-You-Want-It-Frappuccino blended beverages. Decaf or not. Extra shot or two or three of coffee. Want your whipped cream regular, light or none at all? What about your milk - full cream, nonfat? Do you want your syrup flavored with vanilla, hazelnut, mocha or any of the others? And so many more options. I was told that it could go up to about 87,000 different beverage blends if you count the number of combinations you can make with all the available options. Whew!

Times like these, I'm glad the Starbucks branch near me is not near any large office buildings but rather near schools. And school's out!!! Hopefully, no long lines!

Customizable Tumblers Too!

If you really want to enjoy your blended beverages plus have your order processed quickly, get any of their two new customizable 16-oz. tumblers. The tumblers come with an extra barrel body that you twist off. Mark the inner barrel's boxes with your beverage preferences using a marker, reassemble, hand the tumbler to your barista, and watch him/her process your order without having to say a word!

Customizable tumblers
Left: Stainless Steel Tumbler (PhP 1,095)
Right - Cold Cup Tumbler (PhP 550)

The Cold Cup Tumbler taken apart
(see the boxes on left where you can write your choices for blended beverage)

Love Fernandez writes his favorite blended beverage options
on the Cold Cup Tumbler

The Stainless Steel Tumblers taken apart
(it comes with a free dry erase marker)

Love draws Whoppie Pie on tumbler

Starting Monday, April 30, enjoy your customized blended frappuccino beverage at half price between 2-6pm and drink it from your very own customizable tumbler. You're protecting Mother Earth as well by using the tumbler again and again and again (just be sure to use erasable markers instead of the permanent ones).

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