Friday, June 19, 2015

Magnum Manila's pop-up store says goodbye with a brand new menu

You know that feeling when something you know is bound to come to an end actually comes to an end?

It was a day of mixed emotions for all of us at the media event. We recalled how, just over a year ago, we were in this same place celebrating the opening of Magnum Manila's pop-up store, enjoying the menu prepared for us by Chef Him Uy de Baron as well as the chocolate creations by award-winning pastry chef Miko Aspiras. And now this same group gathered once more to bid goodbye to Magnum Manila as it prepares to close its doors on July 26, 2015.

Magnum logo made from pop sticks

Read my post last year on Magnum Manila's opening.

The 15 months of Magnum Manila were marked by several milestones. Over 6,820 pounds (that's over 3 tons!) of delicious Belgian chocolate goodness were consumed by diners. The culinary skills of both Chef Him Uy de Baron and Chef Miko Aspiras soon echoed throughout other pop-up stores in the region. The modern interiors done by Ed Calma (including the meticulously done Magnum logos using their pop sticks) added to the Magnum branding. Magnum Manila soon became the model for other Southeast Asian pop-up stores of Magnum. And in 2014, Magnum Manila was named one of the top restaurants for dessert.

Even as they prepare to close shop this July 26 and bid their customers goodbye, they've whipped up a new menu once again to give all of us a not-to-be-forgotten gustatory experience. Here was the menu served to us.

In our table, we had the Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers. Fried to a perfect crisp with a dip, this was a great appetizer to start me off. Next, I had a choice of main dish so I went for the Salmon Soba. Too bad I was so hungry and ate it as soon as it was placed in front of me but this was a different take on the salmon. Instead of just salmon as the main entree, this dish came with arugula on one side of the plate while the salmon sat on top of spiced soba. I liked how these 3 unlikely partners came together to make a tasty dish. I liked the experience of alternating between the cold salmon and the spicy flavor of the soba.

Finally, we got to try all 5 dessert creations by Chef Miko:

Campfire S'Mores
The Make My Heart Melt dessert was a bit different so I took a video of it. A Magnum bar was underneath a dome of chocolate and hot syrup was poured over it, eventually melting part of the dome and exposing the Magnum bar.

Crepe de Jour

Magnum Anniversary Cake
You still have a chance to try all these new menu items. Bring your friends and family before July 26 to Magnum Manila at the Skypark, 5th level of SM Aura Premier in Bonifacio Global City. It's now or never!

Thanks for the 15 months, Magnum! We'll definitely miss you but we know there is always room for a second chance.

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